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    • Blood glutamate EAAT2-cell grabbing therapy in cerebral ischemia 

      Pérez Mato, María; Iglesias Rey, Ramón; Vieites Prado, Alba; Dopico López, Antonio; Argibay González, Bárbara; Fernández Susavila, Héctor; Silva Candal, Andrés da; Pérez Díaz, Amparo; Correa Paz, Clara; Günther, Anne; Ávila Gómez, Paulo; Loza García, María Isabel; Baumann, Arnd; Castillo Sánchez, José Antonio; Sobrino Moreiras, Tomás; Campos Pérez, Francisco (Elsevier, 2019-01)
      Background Excitatory amino acid transporter 2 (EAAT2) plays a pivotal role in glutamate clearance in the adult brain, thereby preventing excitotoxic effects. Considering the high efficacy of EAAT2 for glutamate uptake, ...
    • In Vivo Theranostics at the Peri-Infarct Region in Cerebral Ischemia 

      Agulla Freire, Jesús; Brea López, David; Campos Pérez, Francisco; Sobrino Moreiras, Tomás; Argibay González, Bárbara; Al-Soufi, Wajih; Blanco González, Miguel; Castillo Sánchez, José Antonio; Ramos Cabrer, Pedro (Ivyspring International Publisher, 2014)
      The use of theranostics in neurosciences has been rare to date because of the limitations imposed on the free delivery of substances to the brain by the blood-brain barrier. Here we report the development of a theranostic ...

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