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    • Highly Hydrophilic and Lipophilic Derivatives of Bile Salts 

      Vázquez Tato, María del Pilar; Seijas Vázquez, Julio Antonio; Meijide del Río, Francisco Ángel; Fraga López, Francisco José; Frutos del Río, Santiago de; Miragaya Otero, Javier; Trillo Novo, Juan Ventura; Jover Ramos, Aida; Soto Tellini, Victor Hugo; Vázquez Tato, José (MDPI, 2021)
      Lipophilicity of 15 derivatives of sodium cholate, defined by the octan-1-ol/water partition coefficient (log P), has been theoretically determined by the Virtual log P method. These derivatives bear highly hydrophobic or ...
    • Paramagnetic epoxy resin 

      Vázquez Barreiro, Eva Carolina; Fraga López, Francisco José; Jover Ramos, Aida; Meijide del Río, Francisco Ángel; Rodríguez Núñez, Eugenio Anselmo; Vázquez Tato, José (Budapest University of Technology, 2017)
      This work illustrates that macrocycles can be used as crosslinking agents for curing epoxy resins, provided that they have appropriate organic functionalities. As macrocycles can complex metal ions in their structure, ...
    • A standard structure for bile acids and derivatives 

      Meijide del Río, Francisco Ángel; Frutos del Río, Santiago de; Soto Tellini, Victor Hugo; Jover Ramos, Aida; Seijas Vázquez, Julio Antonio; Vázquez Tato, María del Pilar; Fraga López, Francisco José; Vázquez Tato, José (MDPI, 2018)
      The crystal structures of two ester compounds (a monomer in its methyl ester form,with anamino isophthalic group, and a dimer in which the two steroid units are linked by a urea bridgerecrystallized from ethyl acetate/methanol) ...

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