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    • Fluorescence Emission of Pyrene in Surfactant Solutions 

      Piñeiro Maseda, Lucas; Novo Rodríguez, María de la Merced; Al-Soufi, Wajih (Elsevier, 2015)
      The systematic description of the complex photophysical behavior of pyrene in surfactant solutions in combination with a quantitative model for the surfactant concentrations reproduces with high accuracy the steady-state ...
    • A model for monomer and micellar concentrations in surfactant solutions: application to conductivity, NMR, diffusion, and surface tension data 

      Al-Soufi, Wajih; Piñeiro Maseda, Lucas; Novo Rodríguez, María de la Merced (Elsevier, 2012)
      An empirical model for the concentrations of monomeric and micellized surfactants in solution is presented as a consistent approach for the quantitative analysis of data obtained with different experimental techniques from ...
    • Unveiling the multi-step solubilization mechanism of sub-micron size vesicles by detergents 

      Dalgarno, Paul A.; Juan-Colás, José; Hedley, Gordon J.; Piñeiro Maseda, Lucas; Novo Rodríguez, María de la Merced; Pérez González, Cibrán; Samuel, Ifor D. W.; Leake, Mark C.; Johnson, Steven; Al-Soufi, Wajih; Penedo, J. Carlos; Quinn, Steven D. (Nature Publishing Group, 2019)
      The solubilization of membranes by detergents is critical for many technological applications and has become widely used in biochemistry research to induce cell rupture, extract cell constituents, and to purify, reconstitute ...

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